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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the meaning of Saye?

    The meaning of the Saye in Persian is “Shadow, to protect, to look after”. In Turkish, it is also used in the sense of ‘thanks (saye) to them’ in order to emphasize the work done by the person.

  • In which part of the project is Kızılay involved?

    The project was created in accordance with the needs of Kızılay donors who donated a large amount of money and was planned to provide a premium service to the donors of Kızılay.


    Saye Yeşilköy provides Premium services to its donors who make high donations to Kızılay, at the same time, all income from Saye Yeşilköy are returned as donations to Kızılay again.

  • When will it be ready for use?

    It will be put into service in May 2022.

  • Can the right of use be shared with a spouse or sibling?

    If you have such a request, we can create a care commitment with this condition, and you can stay together. The pricing will vary depending on the case of a two-single person stay and the case of a single room-two rooms stay. Double occupancy is possible only in suite rooms.

  • Is it possible to leave the facility? Is a companion necessary?

    You can go out any time, any way you want. If you have a companion request, it will be evaluated within the scope of extra services.

  • Can guests, family or friends stay or make daily visits?

    Yes, a reservation must be made in both cases. We have a guest room for your staying guests and additional services are provided within the scope of reservation procedures.


    Due to the pandemic conditions, the visiting conditions may change and there might be changes from time to time, which will be reported to you.

  • How are the measures related to Covid-19? Are the staff regularly tested? Are the external guests screened?

    Our staff have vaccination cards, and PCR tests are performed in the event of showing symptoms. It is obligated to use masks at our facility, and a vaccination card is requested from every person who comes into contact with our facility. Our common areas and rooms are regularly disinfected. Health reports of residents staying at our facility are received, vaccination cards and PCR results are requested. At the same time, we have insulation implementations for the new entrances to the facility. HES code.


    A VACCINATION CARD is required if relatives come to visit.

  • Where are the donations used? Can we choose where to use it?

    The donations made are used in all humanitarian aid activities of the Türk Kızılay. If you make a donation by specifying the area you want it to be used while making it, your donation is only used in that area within the scope of the conditional donation. However, after making a donation, we do not have the chance to choose where the aid will go due to the multifaceted assistance activities of Kızılay and unforeseen disaster situations.

  • Can anyone who is a donor benefit from the facility? What are the criteria?

    Persons who donate the minimum amount of donation determined in proportion to the services of the facility and who are deemed appropriate to stay in the organization after the social examination can stay in our facility.

  • What can be the sanctions if the facility or service is not satisfactory or the service is stopped from being received from the facility?

    There is no sanction when you want to leave the facility, and since we give a lifetime care commitment, even if you left, you can start receiving services again at any time later.


    That room cannot be offered to anyone else.

  • How is the age, nationality, disability restriction for service at the facility?

    You can donate at any time to get services from the property, but you can get services at the age of 55 or later.

  • Can I stay with my private attendant?

    Yes, you can. Staying with your companion can be planned only in the form of accommodation for 2 people in our Suite rooms, and daytime companion support can be provided for all room options.


    The person who will provide companionship services must be eligible to work within Kızılay, you can discuss the details with the Kızılay Care authorities.

  • How is the ventilation, heating, cooling system? Is it possible to make separate heating/cooling according to the needs of each room?

    Heating: 2 systems Fan coil-heater/natural gas


    Ventilation: Fan coil central


    Cooling: Fan coil central


    All rooms are equipped with a ventilation system, heating, a backup system and a cooling system. These systems are centralized, and the temperature can be adjusted. There is a generator.

  • Are the corridors, rooms and elevators suitable for stretchers?

    All of our physical conditions are in a function that will allow the passage of stretchers, wheelchairs and other medical devices. We have a stretcher elevator.

  • Who accompanies you in a situation where you need to be treated in a hospital?

    In case of emergency, our institution provides assistance in taking you to the hospital in every way. Accompanying personnel is assigned for hospital accompaniment requests for extra hospital stays, the accompanying situation is evaluated within the scope of extra fees.

  • Is the facility suitable for disabled people? Are the stairs, elevator, WC, garden, landscape and rooms disabled-friendly?

    Anti-slip tapes, ramps, hiking trails, stairs, etc. are suitable for this requirement.

  • Is there generator support? Where does it feed, if any, is it all enough in any condition?

    There's a generator. It supports every electrical system.

  • Can I leave the rooms at any time?

    The entirety of our institution is your living space, you can leave your rooms at any time.

  • Are there any restrictions on when the meeting areas on the floors can be used?

    You can use them any time you want. The place and time plan of the event programs will be announced to you in advance, you can participate in the event in the program, or you can use other social areas where there is no program. When you want to make a meeting program, a reservation must be made for the use of this area.

  • What is the assembly area in case of disasters such as earthquakes, fires, etc.? Will there be drills? How can disabled people or those who cannot move on their own be taken out?

    We have an emergency action plan and emergency assembly areas. Our emergency assembly area is the inner courtyard. Drills will be conducted. We have separate action plans for different emergencies such as fire, earthquake, etc. These plans will be provided under the coordination of an OHS specialist.

  • Are there any hobby areas? Movie theater, hiking trail, painting workshop, etc?

    There are. Professional hobby trainer and hobby salon are available. Mini golf, bocce course, hiking trail, game rooms, social clubs (bridge, chess, painting, music, etc.)

  • Can I keep my pet in your institution?

    Unfortunately, we cannot accept pets because we will also have residents with health issues.

  • Will there be additional costs/dues to be paid when using something?

    Personal expenses and extra service purchases that are outside the routine services performed at our facility are charged extra.

  • Are we buying the product? Is the title deed being issued? How long can we use it?

    In exchange for your donation to Kızılay, you receive lifelong care services in Saye Yeşilköy. The title deed is not issued. You can use our service for life. 

  • Can the use be transferred to someone else?

    It is not transferrable.

  • How is the payment of the donation made carried out? What are the conditions?

    After signing the donation commitment, you can make the donation payment to our bank account.

  • Are the fees such as hairdresser, dry cleaning paid separately?

    Standard hairdressing services are included. As for special services, we have beauty salon services that are charged extra.

  • What are your services?

    Routine Services:


    Accommodation Services


    • 24/7 security service is provided.
    • Housekeeping and laundry services are provided.
    • With the Healthy Eating service, healthy and balanced nutrition programs prepared by a dietitian are implemented. Special diet programs, based on their state of health, are created for residents with obesity, chronic diseases or nutrition disorders.
    • Ergonomic and comfortable wares are used that will provide ease of use for the elderly.
    • Standard single, suite, double accommodation is provided.
    • Social facilities such as dining halls, social activity areas, recreation halls, library, business-occupation center are offered.
    • In each room, installations such as TV, refrigerator, bed, wardrobe, armchair and table are provided.
    • There is an emergency call system.


    Healthcare Services


    • 24-hour follow-up of nurses, elderly care technicians and elderly care personnel is provided.
    • Routine medical examinations are provided and there is a doctor of the institution with 24-hour follow-up.
    • Preventive medical services are provided.
    • Operated in cooperation with Kızılay Health hospitals.
    • Daily vital signs, treatment and medication follow-ups are provided.
    • Physical therapy, exercise and passive in-bed exercise programs are applied.
    • Life support care services (oxygen, aspiration, etc.); emergency response, treatment, dressing and wound care services are provided.
    • Procurement of medicines and medical supplies, planning of out-of-office dispatch and operations are carried out.
    • Control and monitoring of infections is performed, nutrition programs of enteral-fed patients are implemented.
    • Pressure ulcer prevention and position monitoring are performed.
    • Neurological patient care for people who suffer from Dementia, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, etc. is performed.
    • Ergotherapy
    • Speech therapy
    • Special care unit


    Care Services


    • Support services, diaper usage monitoring and hygiene are provided for personal care and hygiene needs.
    • Peg/ Ng nutrition is provided, and nutritional support is provided to residents who cannot feed independently.
    • Hairdresser-barber service, support service for daily vital activities (support for dressing, bathroom-toilet needs, mobility, social activities, etc.) is provided.
    • Neurological patient care for people who suffer from Dementia, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, etc. is performed.
    • Long-term care services and companion services are provided.


    Psychosocial Support Services


    • In order to maintain a state of psycho-social well-being, individual and group work, social and cultural-art activities, hobbies, occupational therapy practices, sports activities are planned and implemented.
    • Programs and activities that support lifelong learning activities are created.
    • Individual and group studies aimed at increasing social competence are carried out.
    • Excursions in and out of the city are organized.
    • Psychosocial support is provided within the scope of active aging counseling.
    • Exercises are carried out to protect mental health
    • Regular information flow is provided to the relatives of the resident staying at the facility.


    Additional Services:?


    • All kinds of personal supplies (shampoo, toothpaste, manicure-pedicure set, games, books.)
    • Extra meals and drinks,
    • Special-VIP transportation requests that are excluded from planned health and social events
    • Personal expenses (newspapers, personal needs, etc.)
    • Room-specific subscriptions (internet, Digiturk, etc.)
    • Personal hobby products (Hobby room dues)
    • Events with tickets (cinema, opera, theater, concert, etc.)
    • Extra companionship service
    • Dry Cleaning
    • Beauty salon supplies
  • What are there in socializable spaces? How is the routine day plan? What are the activities during the day or week? Is it possible to attend all of them?

    There are cafeteria, resting rooms, library, movie theater, walking areas, game rooms.

  • Will the dishes provided by the dining hall be suitable for every disease and person?

    Yes it will be suitable. Our dietitian informs the kitchen about the menu of each resident, a personalized meal will be provided. Diabetes, obesity, celiac disease, blood pressure, etc.)

  • Is food service to the room available? Is it necessary to go to the dining hall to eat in any case?

    As long as there is no health problem, our food service is provided in our restaurant section. It is served to the room only in extreme cases. By the decision of the nurse and the physician.

  • What diseases are included in the use?

    Care is provided in any medical condition that is in a stable condition. Saye Yeşilköy will update its service plan according to your care needs with its end-to-end service approach and will provide you with care services at every stage from the moment you are admitted to the facility.


    Cancers: All types of cancer, colostomy, ileostomy, cystostomy,


    Cardiovascular: Hip and hypertension, Heart Failure, Valvular Heart Disease, Orthostatic Hypotension, Coronary Artery, Rhythm Disorders, SVO, Clot, Post-stroke, Arrhythmias, Cardiomegaly-enlarged heart , peripheral vascular disease, occlusive vascular diseases (thrombus, embolism), varicose veins, aneurysms,


    Respiratory System: COPD, Asthma, Pneumonia, Lung infection, emphysema, chronic bronchitis, lung cancer, fluid lungs (pleurisy)


    The Digestive System: Constipation, Diarrhea, Incontinence (urine and stool incontinence), Malnutrition (eating less, eating too much, liquid nutrition, purée nutrition,) Obesity, celiac, enzyme deficiency, lactose intolerance, diseases requiring a severe neutropenic diet, disease requiring a severe mineral-restricted diet), Reflux, Bowel and stomach polyps, phenylketonuria (those who needs gluten-free diet, etc.) desert mouth, tooth-gum diseases, difficulty swallowing, aspiration, hiatus hernia, gastritis, ulcers, diverticulitis, hemorrhoids, cancers


    Nervous System: All Dementias, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, Delirium, PICK's disease, Depression, Sleep disorders, Disorientation, Learning difficulties, Transient ischemic attack,


    Psychiatric diseases: Mild Depression,


    Metabolic Endocrine System Diseases: Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes mellitus, Hematological system, anemia, leukopenia, infections, Hyper- and hypo-thyroiditis,


    Immune system: Infections, sepsis, Mediterranean anemia, Leukemia, Anemia,


    Muscle-Skeleton: Fractures, Kyphosis, Scoliosis, Lordosis, Osteoporosis, ALS, MS, Rheumatoid Arthritis, GOUT, Bursitis, Hallux Vagus.


    Genitourinary system: Urinary incontinence, Prostate, frequent urination, acute renal-chronic renal failure, kidney calculus, uterine prolapse, testicular hernia,


    Skin-Dermatological Diseases: Pressure sores, bullae, skin cancer, fungus, skin infections, callus, keratinization, nail diseases, dry skin, itching, seborrheic keratosis, melanin,


    Senses: Hearing problems, visual impairments (cataract, eye infections, yellow spot), blepharitis, diplopia, glaucoma, macula, Meniere’s disease

  • For which diseases does the facility provide care?

    Provided that the person's health is stable, and there is an applied treatment; care is provided in the SPECIAL CARE unit for chronic diseases, postoperative care, enteral nutritional condition, neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s-dementia-Parkinson’s cerebrovascular disease, paralysis, etc.

  • How are the measures related to Covid-19? Are the staff regularly tested? Are the external guests screened?

    Our staff have vaccination cards, and PCR tests are performed in the event of showing symptoms. It is obligated to use masks at our facility, and a vaccination card is requested from every person who comes into contact with our facility. Our common areas and rooms are regularly disinfected. Health reports of residents staying at our facility are received, vaccination cards and PCR results are requested. At the same time, we have insulation implementations for the new entrances to the facility. HES code.


    A VACCINATION CARD is required if relatives come to visit.

  • What emergency response equipment is available?

    All medical devices and equipment are available to provide first aid in case of accidents that may occur and vital situations that may develop suddenly. (Sphygmomanometer, sugar meter, oxygen concentrator, oxygen tube, ECG, ambu, wound intervention and care supplies, electroshock, etc. for simple health interventions) 

  • How is the support of diseases that also require a device such as a daily oxygen tube, dialysis machine, blood exchange provided? Are the rooms suitable for the installation of these services and devices?

    Device treatments, diseases and surgical conditions requiring special care, immobile (bed dependent) services are all provided only in our special care department.


    Services that are needed to be provided in a hospital setting such as dialysis, blood exchange, etc. are not provided in our institution. Oxygen support is provided by a concentrator or oxygen cylinder for daily oxygen needs. In special care, the central oxygen system will be followed up with an automation system.

  • In case of which diseases, one is not able to continue to stay at the facility?

    We do not provide care for people who require hospital treatment, whose vital functions are unstable. We direct them to a hospital and monitor their condition there.

  • Can I receive external health care? Physiotherapy, dialysis, massage, etc.?

    You can receive any external service you want within the knowledge of the facility physician.

  • What kind of patients will there be in the institution, will there be schizophrenic people?

    We will have guests that have simple psychiatric treatment and diseases, but we will not be able to accept patients with advanced schizophrenia.

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